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Prescott SnoBees

The Club started during the late 1960's while groups of families and friends began riding around the area. There was no established trail system so early riders rode wherever their machines could travel. This began many problems with landowners in the Prescott area and the rest of Pierce County. There were small tree plantings being run over and farmers fences being cut apart. A group of local residents decided to establish a club that would help control the troubled areas.

The group of locals began meeting at each others homes and then moved to local Prescott businesses for meeting rooms. At this time, the Hastings, MN area snowmobile club had been established and helped the Prescott snowmobiling group become established.

When it came to naming the club, the group began asking for ideas. Two women attending said that snowmobiles sounded like a bunch of bees coming from a distance. The men attending weren't fond of the idea at first, but the women over ruled and the Prescott Sno-Bees snowmobile club was born and incorporated in 1971. Some of the founding members are still in the club today. Thanks to the founders and many members since, the Prescott Sno-Bees has worked cooperatively with landowners and their properties to continue the sport of snowmobiling in the Prescott area. 

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