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JOIN OUR CLUB, then order your trail pass at AWSC.ORG and save money! Select your type of membership above to join or renew your membership.

Membership will not only promote our club, but will qualify you for the cheaper snowmobile trail pass($10) with the law (Effective July 1, 2015). SnoBees membership includes membership to the AWSC.


Dual registering of snowmobiles in multiple states is OK.


Join or renew online at the top of this page! 

Effective July 1, 2015 each sled operating in WI will be required to display a Wisconsin trail pass to be purchased annually (in addition to snowmobile registration).  Trail passes expire each year on June 30th.

More information from the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) HERE.

**PLEASE NOTE: Plan ahead. Membership and AWSC #'s will become current ONLY after we (SnoBees) process your payment AND the AWSC updates their roster with the DNR which can take UP TO 14 DAYS. You will then have to check the website HERE to see if you have been updated on their end, using your AWSC # or their search function. With a current AWSC #, you may apply for your discounted trail pass at the AWSC website HERE. The discounted pass is $10 instead of $30 per snowmobile. Remember, you will need to maintain current Wisconsin registration with the WI DNR at GOWild.WI.GOV. AWSC membership and WI DNR names and addresses must match exactly!

If you do not have current Wisconsin registration along with current club membership and a current AWSC #, you will have to purchase a regular full price trail pass. If you need a snowmobile trail pass, but do not qualify for the reduced priced trail pass, place your order through GOWild.WI.GOV (you will need to setup or re-use your existing login information).

• Trail passes for snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin are $30 per year ("Wisconsin" passes)

• Trail passes for snowmobiles registered outside of Wisconsin are $50 per year ("non-resident" passes)

All trail pass orders are non-refundable so take time to review your options before you make a selection.

Trail passes are mailed from the DNR by US Mail and can take UP TO 21 DAYS for delivery via US mail. A temporary trail use receipt is issued at the time of your order to operate legally on snowmobile trails immediately. Carry the receipt with you until your pass is delivered by the US Mail and affixed to your snowmobile's windshield.

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